Community Health System

Main needs and problems identified:

  • Basic hygiene rules;

  • Lack of medicine/drugs;

  • Need of full-time permanent nurse for the island’s community;

  • Need of permanent infrastructure of attendance;

  • Lack of information/formation in sexual education to avoid the spread of infectious diseases (HIV) and non-planned children;

  • Lack of information about Malaria, Cholera, Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV;

  • High consumption of alcohol;

  • Consumption of local weed (suruma).


Annual medical visits to the Bazaruto Island

Schedule medical attendance twice a year to the Bazaruto Island to perform consultations and check ups to the population. These visits will also suit for the formation of a full-time nurse on the island and to render an analysis of the reports elaborated by the nurse.


Ensure a regular service of a nurse in the health centre

Request a nurse service in Vilanculos that is willing to work full-time in the Bazaruto Island. To reduce travel expenses, the nurse would work for a full month and have a week off. The presence of a nurse is crucial to monitor and fight infectious diseases that frequently spread on the island and that in some cases may be fatal.


Stimulate the voluntary effort of medical doctors and other health professionals for support and training

Inquire within the Tropical Hygiene and Medical Institute (IHMT, Lisbon, Portugal) and work with professionals to get useful information about tropical diseases that can be transmitted to the population. Check if there are experienced volunteers that are willing to participate with the SIM in this action. Also recruit volunteers though the SIM’s web page and online platforms and social networks.


Equip the health centre with basic utensils and equipment

Currently there is no basic equipment at the health centre and for this we propose to equip them with some utensils such as stretchers, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, scales) according to medical advice.


Supply medicine for Malaria, Cholera, Tuberculosis and AIDS

Develop a partnership with distributors at Mozambique in an attempt to get accessible prices for the acquisition of medicine and treatment for these diseases to cover up at least 50% of the community. The SIM (NGOD) proposes to equip the medical health centre with disinfectants, cotton, alcohol, compresses, syringes, plasters bandages, ointments for mosquitoes bites, among others.



Develop awareness campaigns of prevention in basic hygiene, sexual transmitted diseases and infectious diseases (such as AIDS, Cholera, Malaria or TB)

Investigate, meet and develop useful and practical information to be transmitted in training actions at least once a year. Create leaflets and posters to be published and posted at schools that will assist in the spread of information.


Develop actions of sexual education

Sexual education is a theme that requires special attention since the average number of children per woman is high and mainly occurs in adolescence which results in young girls dropping out of school early also because of poor economic conditions to raise their children. However, it is noteworthy the cultural importance of these events and for these sexual education actions must be perform continuously and persistently in order to change mentalities via formation and leaflets. These actions are of extreme importance at long-term, allowing teens to be conscious about the consequences of having a child in adolescence.


Distribution of mosquito nets to the population

Distribute and sensitise the island’s population for the use of mosquito nets as a method of protection against some diseases disseminated by mosquitoes.


Family planning

Monitor and support youngsters that are willing to be informed about the risks associated with sexual practises. Ensure the access to contraceptive methods by the populations with the objective of reducing non-planned pregnancies. Ensure maternal monitoring to ensure healthy and stable pregnancies. These services should be ensured weekly by the nurse at the health centre.


Survey other needs

Maintain a participative observation within the population to gather information and survey other needs that people may have.

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