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SIM has been concentrating its action in the field of ducation in the school of the north of the Bazaruto Island, the school of Sitone, and in the support to the study of some of its best students in the mainland, housing them at the SIM home, in the village of Inhassoro.

In the school of Sitone, at Bazaruto Island, the main needs and problems identified are:

  • Poor infrastructures of the school building and rooms;

  • Lack of sanitation conditions;

  • Absence of daily meals to children at school;

  • The students need to walk about 10km to go to school every day;

  •  Lack of school supplies; 

  • Inadequate training of teachers;

  • Limited curriculum at Sitone’s school – only until the 7th grade.

  • No professional opportunities on the island; 


Offer of a small meal/snack to motivate children’s attendance at school at a daily basis

Construct a wood stove at Sitone’s school.
Hire a full-time baker to make bread for the aproximately 200 children who attend the school.
We are now offering this small lunch, much do to the support of the godfathers and godmothers of the children, and are still in search of a partnership with private companys for a daily supply of jams and juices or milk for every child.



Furnish a second classroom at the school with tables and chairs

Equip the classroom with basic furniture (tables, chairs and blackboards) to promote the development of studies in the school.


Distribution of School supplies once a year

Continue the work developed for the last 17 years by the SIM founder and provide annually (once a year) school supplies such as backpacks, pencils and crayons, pens and pencil sharpeners, erasers, rulers, notebooks and colouring books, slates, chalks and board erasers.


Teachers’ training

Develop one week training in Vilanculos for the three teachers present at the Bazaruto Island, so as to deepen and develop their knowledge and skills, and to learn new teaching methods and communication techniques. This action is crucial to improve teaching in Bazaruto and to allow an increase in success rates and motivation of students so they can follow a career. The SIM (NGOD) considers the possibility of having a Portuguese voluntary teacher trainer and a Mozambican one to facilitate communication.


Distribution of various school material and supplies

Create new conditions and provide material for the implementation of physical activities, mainly in teams, to stimulate team work and spirit. These materials (such as footballs for example) would be used twice a week and would enable the progress of cognitive, social and playing capabilities of students which enhance team spirit and activity.



Stimulate voluntary work to provide training and classes

Action in Sitone
Develop days of basic training and formation at Sitone’s school, transmitting and reinforcing the importance of basic rules of hygiene. Using former students who now work or study in the continent as examples, enhancing the message and motivating children.

Action in Vilanculos and Inhassoro
Perform training actions in education through workshops about the importance of scholar activity. Advertise professions and explain the need of education for the personal and regional development.


Implementation of sponsorship and child-support system (patronage) at distance




The school of Sitone only offers education up to the 7th grade. At the 8th grade the students have to study at the school of the mainland. Many drop out of school at this time, because their families can´t afford to support their stay at the mainland or the cost with their education. 

The NGO SIM currently has 16 fellows studying on the mainland, in Inhassoro, housed at the SIM home. The NGO SIM, International Solidarity to Mozambique currently has a college scholarship, to complete the Law School of the Catholic University of Beira.

Conducting a survey of personal data of children from 7th grade who wish to apply for the sponsorship program remotely, the aim is to give these children the opportunity to continue studies on the continent, since there is no alternative on the island. A list for selection of students is created, according to their academic performance and determination to pursue their education.

The godfather or godmother will be regularly informed of their godchild progress in school and in his personal development, through information provided by SIM and letters written by their proteges, to whom they give a new chance in life.



Computers to develop the knowledge and skills in new technologies for the group of SIM fellows

Offer the group of fellows at Vilanculos, at Inhassoro and the students who go to college, a laptop computer that allows them to develop their skills at modern and new technologies and provide a study tool of easy access to information needed.


Create partnerships with Resort Pestana Lodge suggesting internship programs

Schedule a meeting with the administrative board of Pestana Hotels in Portugal in order to create partnerships with mutual advantages. Point out the importance of internships performance for the integration of the island’s community members that may later become employees at the Pestana Resort. Use this contact with the Pestana Group to emphasise the need of a better educational of children and health system to improve tourism.

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