SIM > Vision, Mission and Values


Assure the creation of a solid and long-lasting structure that allows free basic health services and supports the creation of an educative structure able to benefict the development of the individual as well as of the community.


The SIM NGOD has for its mission to work within and along side needed communities, mainly in the Inhambane province, in the North area of the Bazaruto Island and Inhassoro village, contributing for the creation of basic infra-structures which compete for the improvement of health and education conditions and services of the members within those communities. Through the settlement of objective and sustainable iniciatives, SIM intends to stimulate educative action, intermediating financial resources, donations and voluntary services for the development of new projects and the maintenance of the existent structures.

By recurring to qualified professionals, SIM seeks to ensure a better education and sanitary assistance to the children of the communities. Through these initiatives and its continued work, it is added to the SIM’s mission the strengthening of cooperative and friendly bonds between Portugal and Mozambique.


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