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The NGO SIM, International Solidarity to Mozambique, is a small NGO with limited financial and human resources, These resources are channeled in full to the community we support and to the sustainability of the home SIM and the study of their fellows. To this end, we much depend on the support of our godfathers and godmothers of the children and adolescents, and also seek to create partnerships with companies, national and international, who share our values ​​and philanthropic action in Mozambique and have a strong sense of social responsibility.

The support given by companies to (NGO) SIM, International Solidarity to Mozambique can be done in different ways, either through monetary donations, educational and teaching materials, medical supplies, volunteering or other forms of aid. All help is welcome and (NGO) SIM, International Solidarity to Mozambique, offers our benefactors, apart from the opportunity to publicize the logo of the partner company on the site and in all communication media used, the benefit of tax deductions under art.º 62 of the Patronage Act, which provides for the social patronage, deductions in the IRC 140% of your donation.The SIM (NGOD) seeks to create partnerships with national and international companies that share our values and philanthropic action in Mozambique.

The SIM NGOD will contact with several companies in order to know and inquire about their availability in helping the children at Sitone’s school, at the Bazaruto Island, at Vilanculos and Inhassoro and to participate with the organisation, either through donations, school material, medical supplies, voluntary work or any other way of help. Any type of help is welcome and the SIM NGOD also offers the opportunity to publicise and disclose the logo of the partner company at the web site and in all communication media used. The partner company will also benefit from tax deductions (under the 62nd Article of the Law of Patronage, tax deduction can go as far as 140% of the donation.

There is no Development without Education!
There will be no Future without Health and School!
SIM…because Hope exists!
SIM…because we Believe in the Future!

The SIM NGOD appreciates your help.

And so do the children!

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