NGO SIM at the Mozambican Woman Day07/04/2019
NGO SIM is in the province of Beira following the passage of Ciclone Idai, contributing to alleviate suffering, within its possibilities in the face of an immense humanitarian tragedy. On Ap...
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Tribute to Victims in Beira06/04/2019
 Upon arrival in the Beira Province, the NGO SIM mission pays tribute to those who lost their lives in Cyclone Idai. We also delivered capulanas to the workers of Morgue, Mortuary Houses and...
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Capulanas for the women and children of Mozambique 26/03/2019
    Following the campaign launched by the NGO SIM for the acquisition of capulanas for the women and children affected by the cyclone Idai, we managed to have delivered in 3 days more tha...
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Interview on RDP Africa with the story of Cleisson, a boy with Perthes disease26/11/2018
  The NGO SIM went to RDP Africa accompanied by Cleisson Maluane and Dr. Nuno Craveiro Lopes to tell the story of  this mozambican boy diagnosed with Perthes disease, and the story of his t...
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7th CPLP Race «Together against Hunger»25/11/2018
  The 7th race organized by the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), under the motto "Together Against Hunger", was held for the fourth time in Cascais on 25 November.   The...
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