News > Municipal Council of Cascais is with NGO SIM
Since 2015, the Mozambican grantees of NGO SIM have received support from the Cascais Town Hall, which thus expresses a policy of solidarity that takes the name of Cascais well beyond the borders of the county. We received from President Carlos Carreiras a letter with encouraging words, of which we have here an excerpt:
"We take the opportunity to wish your mission to continue with the ideal of believing in a better world, in which peace is achieved with small gestures in everyday life, since both volunteerism and solidarity are part of principles and values who also guide us. "
Thank you to the President and the Town Council of Cascais, for this contribution to the progress of the children and young people who in Mozambique are the reason for the work of the NGO SIM!
Photo: Mayor of Cascais, Dr. Carlos Carreiras and President of the NGO SIM, Carmo Jardim.


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