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Thanks to the solidarity of many friends of the NGO SIM, it has been possible to keep hope for an 8-year-old girl who suffered severe burns when cooking for her sick grandmother. The girl is called Audência and attends the 2nd class in the School of Sitone.

Orphan of mother and with a fisherman father, Little Princess (as we affectionately call her) was evacuated to the Hospital of Vilankulo and assisted by the tireless Dr. Issufo, always available to help the neediest. The transport from Bazaruto Island to Vilankulo was organized and accompanied by SIM manager on the Island, Sergio Maluane, with extraordinary dedication. In Vilankulo, the case was also accompanied by the university scholarship holder of SIM, Arnaldo Chibale and the manager of Lar SIM, Manecas Paulino Massunguanhe. SIM scholarship fellows gave blood so that Little Princess could be operated. The situation remained very serious and we were later able to transfer her to Beira Central Hospital in an ambulance provided by a large company in Mozambique, through the help of a friend of SIM, accompanied by the grandmother and the coordinator of the activities of the NGO SIM, Pedro Maluane. She is now being taken care of by the specialized team of the head surgeon of the Hospital Central da Beira, Dr. Hélder Miranda Martins. All the costs inherent to this operation have been borne by a friend from Mozambique who requested anonymity. The Little Princess Audência is receiving the best medical care available in Mozambique and will soon undergo a new operation. All the best to you Little Princess! And thank you, all friends of SIM!
Tabonga Maningue!
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