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A Great Joy !!
Mozambique | Province of Inhambane, April 2017
More secure deliveries in Machulane, Bazaruto Island!
So far, in the northern part of Bazaruto Island, children were born without any health care, with cases of fatal births for babies and mothers. SIM has long sought to ensure the regular presence of a nursing professional. Finally, this objective was achieved, with the recovery of a construction made available by the Pestana Group for the health care post and the atribution of a house in the village to the nurse's residence.
And there was already a great Joy in the new Machulane Health Care Post!
Louis is the first baby to be born with the assistance of a nurse at the Machulane health care post in the north of Bazaruto Island. It happened on April 1, 2017 and it is to be congratulated the mother Zuleca, the father Felisberto and the nurse Recelia.
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