News > The first woman to graduate with the support of the NGO SIM

Lucinda Cumbe is the first scholarship from NGO SIM to complete with success and with very good grades, her college degree! These are news that that fills us with joy, for we see the fruits of the effort that we have done to create educational opportunities for children and young people from extremely disadvantaged communities. In the words of Carmo Jardim, President of the Board of SIM NGO: "The benefits of progress, education, health, adequate food for all, do not reach many communities and we need a new generation, enlightened and educated, to give a solution to the problems and create a more fair society. Lucinda is an example for children and for women of all Mozambique." After the graduation ceremony, Lucinda and her family, scholars and local authorities celebrated this great victory in the Home of SIM, in Inhassoro village. Lucinda, thank you for your resilience, for your effort and for your example!



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