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Bazaruto June 1, 2014


The NGO SIM, International Solidarity to Mozambique, in partnership with Tilizinwe association, today offered to the kids of Sitone, a small snack to celebrate this important date, the International Children's Day.



Beira June 1, 2014


The group "Tiri-Tesse =" Estamos Juntos " from the Catholic University of Mozambique, hosted a lunch, well deserved, to the childrens and young boys from the Manga Santos and Inocentes da Manga Orphanages.

The College students had the support of some friends, and NGO SIM.


Tiri-Tesse, is a group of students from the Catholic University of Mozambique, which promotes discussions and debates with students and young people on protection against HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, the promotion of people equality and other related issues. Currently the group is chaired by our grantee Pedro Maluane.



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