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*Story of Arnaldo*

"To report my complete and detailed story about all that mother Carmo has been doing for me, will be very hard, i would have to write a book of a thousand pages or more, but i'll try.

Here in this article, i will be restricted only to the facts since 1998, because this was the year that I started my studies. I went to Sitone's Elementary School, from 1st to 5th grade, from 1998 to 2002.

There's a very importante fact that i have to highlight before anything else, mother Carmo gave a new direction to our lives, from the moment she started giving educational support to the childrens of the island. On the island of Bazaruto, when a child finishes the 5th grade reaches the maximum level of studies, because their parents can't afford to send them to the continet to proceed their education, and i wasn't an exception. Before mother Carmo presence, this was what always happened, a child studied up to 5th grade and then couldn't continue further.

When I finished 5th grade, I had nothing else to do ahead because my parents couldn't afford to send me out of the island, to Inhassoro, to study, and my fate was summed up to end up having to help my family being a fisherman or something else that the island could give me professionally. But with me being the pioneer, the scenery began to change, cause i had been receiving the support of mother Carmo since i started the first year until finishing the fifth.

Mother Carmo had a long conversation with me, and said that I should continue with my studies, and that i should go out of the island, to the continent! You can not imagine how I felt when mother Carmo said that! Something that was impossible and never crossed my mind, just had become possible to me! I already could see new horizons opening up to me in the world. And i was always wondering: Is this true? Is this really happening to me? Will i go study in Inhassoro? From all the childrens that finish the 5th grade, there's no one that can proceed with their studies, will that change begin with me? And the questions didn't stop to pop in my mind.

All the answers to the questions above were positive things for me, with the support of mother Carmo, after me, the things started to change!

Mother Carmo turned the page of the history of the island, she made possible the beggining of a new era in the education of the childrens from Bazaruto's Island, from 2003.

In this year, i left the island and went to Inhassoro, where in 2004 i completed the 7th grade at the 2nd Grade Elementary School of Inhassoro. Right after me, thanks to the commitment and help from Mother Carmo, Jornal, Manecas, Pedro and others also came to Inhassoro. It should also be noted here that the ones that came later, with their parental support, mostly failed to finish the 7th grade or even taking a semester because of the financial inability of the parents to keep them in school.

From 2005 to 2007 i completed the 10th grade in Inhasoro high school; 2008-2009 completed the 12th grade at the Secondary School of Mucoque (in Vilankulo).

Today, thanks to mother Carmo, I am, since the beginning of 2014, taking a graduation in Agricultural Economics, at the School of Rural Development (Vilankulo), a unit of Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM). As all of you can see by my description, I was one of the first pioneers to study outside the island, with the support of mother Carmo, which makes me even more proud and happy because this project wasn't only summed up to me and still continues today.

To finish, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all NGO SIM's supporters, without ever forgetting to leave a very special thanks to mother Carmo Jardim, who made our dreams possible. Still have to say to the supporters of NGO SIM that in this world exists a land with an unknown future, but that your actions and good will can dazzle the future of this land.

Tabonga! Khanimambo! Obrigado! Many thanks!"

By: Arnaldo Chibale

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