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Climbing Kilimanjaro's Mountain

Project " Climb for charity " - a walk for the childrens of Mozambique .
Every year , thousands of people climb Kilimanjaro's Mountain for their own reasons . Located in Tanzania, is one of the 7 peaks of the World and the highest of the entire African continent . Surprisingly, despite it's great name and reputation, almost any reasonably fit person would be able to climb it .
This challenge came to me through the idea of combining the work of solidarity with a good challenge and adventure. Through an expedition to the summit of the mountain i intend to raise funds for the NGDO SIM , lrecognized in Portugal and Mozambique, with whom I worked in the summer of 2012. The trip is planned and organized by the agency " Peak Planet " and runs between 20 and July 27 - the climb will be done in 6 days .
This challenge , which will be done through the path " Rongai Route " not only provides unique challenges along the way, as it's giving an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many childrens, that without the support of " SIM " wouldn't had the opportunity to study. All who wish to join me during the course may do so through my Facebook's page where I will post updates, videos and photos!
I count on the help of all who wish to participate in this project !
It will be a journey that will mark me for life and also to all those who help these children to reach the "top"! We are together on this climb for a better world!


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