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Today being the 1st of June, Children's Day, the students of UCM (Catholic University of Mozambique), went into some activities undertaken by the Catholic missions in order to offer a snack to childrens in need. Childrens that their families don't have the ability to offer not even a small lunch on an important day like this. Thus, we actively participate in these activities, helping in the organization as well as offering some products, we belong to the groupTeri-Tesse.

I was interviewed by one of the FM radio stations in Sofala, the channel was dealing with themes related to the church, so i took the chance to give my congratulations to the childrens and to wish all the best for their future.
I come from a supportive family, and was taught to allways help those in need, so usually i'm part on activities like this, such as NGDO  SIM (Solidarity  International to Mozambique) that in addition to instruct the childrens from northern Bazaruto Island, also helps in changing their behavior! And so we learned, that we must join to solidarity activities anywhere in the world, dosen't matter where we stand!
Pedro Maluane
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