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Mozambique , May 5th of 2013

Message addressed to Mother Carmo by :
Grantees of SIM's HOME, International Solidarity to Mozambique (Inhassoro)
Childrens from Sitone's School (North of Bazaruto Island)
And your dear kids Arnaldo, Manecas, Jornal, Caetano, Ernesto, Xadreque, Mateus, Pedro, Manuel, João e Cansado.
"Mother Carmo, today is the International Mother's Day! It's a day that deserves our especiall attention .
Mother, our Mother, a Mother who loves and is loved by her childrens, you are a dear and incomparable.
Today, 5th of May of 2013, is a day for devotion to all the World's Mothers, ando so we say loudly that Mother Carmo is our beloved Mother, the Best Mother in the World.
You need to know that we have in our mind and hearts that without you, and your help, we wouldn't exist. We are increasingly illuminated by the sunlight that Mother gives us in our day life.
We want to take this moment, for thanking you for all the efforts you have made for us, and the hole world to know, that Mother Carmo took care of so many childrens, allways ensuring their livelihood, by supporting all the expenses herself."
"Mother Carmo,  we want to thank wholeheartedly the effort, dedication and commitment that you allways make to ensure improving our lives and the lives of our families, today, we are the most joyful childrens of the world, and we feel snuggled and so happy. It's you Mother who deserve everyting and you deserve it from all of us. Happy Mother's Day."



"We the young grantees, boys and gilrs, are very strong. And each passing day, we become stronger and more mature. Mother Carmo you are the one who guarantees that our development, you brought us a the happiness on this planet. Everything we do, and what we are today, it's thanks to your efforts. Our happiness depends entirely on you. Happy Mother's Day. "
"Congratulations Mother Carmo, you are a Mother who deserves our recognition and respect, a Mother who fills us with warmth. It is clearly with much effort, commitment and dedication, that you can provide us, and our families, protection and food safely. Many congratulations and we wish you all the best. Happy Mother's Day."
"I want to Wish Mother Carmo, and all the Mothers of the Jardim family, 'a Happy Mother's Day'.
Mother Carmo, i wish you all the health, courage, and much strength so that you can continue being our mother, a mother that most people admire. I am also very happy with the words of my brothers. It is so lovely to hear their recognition and feel all their hearts in this statements. I have you forever on my heart. I love you Mother Carmo. You are the most beautiful Mother of the World. Happy Mother 's Day!"


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