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Felisberto António Licucu, orphan by father and mother, born in the north of Bazaruto Island today only counts in your life with the help of the NGDO SIM, International Solidarity to Mozambique, in which full confidence and hope. Your future depends on the SIM .

Felizberto has a story to tell, since a few years he has been suffering from serious vision problems. A very worrying case. With the difference of lights, he failed to see at night to study and complete his homeworks, this was a big trouble for him.
Undeterred, he came to me very worried, because i'm the head of the NGDO SIM's Grantees, and together, we thought how we could solve his problem. And we came to the conclusion that we should talk with Mother Carmo.
Mother Carmo immediately suggested that Felizberto should meet me in Beira, where  i'm studying, on the 2nd year of law school, at Catholic University, and that i had to help him solve the problem, counting on the full support of the NGDO SIM.
I arranged an appointment with a specialist, during April holidays, and when Felizberto arrived at Beira, we went right away to the hospital in Ponta - Gea, where he had a consult with the Ophthalmologist, Dr Angela.
According to Dr. Angela it was a serious problem, Felizberto was about to lose his sight.
The Doctor ordered a special eye drops as first treatment and then to always wear sunglasses as one of the most appropriate ways to resolve the problem.
Today, Felizberto is very happy, he has returned to Inhassoro to continue his studies . He is very grateful to Mother Carmo and promised to NGDO SIM that with these improvements he will study hard to achieve really good results and maybe he will become a doctor at Inhambane's village.
Mother Carmo, we have no words to thank you for your efforts, you are always so great for us trying to improve our health, and also for all  the help that you are always ready to give to those in need, so that we can achieve our goals.
"Believe, I Felizberto, am another success - I regained my sight !"
By Pedro Maluane (scholarship holder)
Tabonga Maning! Tabonga!
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