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Frankly, it's so good to see Jornal like this, you can't imagine what happened to this child. It's really hard to believe.
Jornal fulfilled his military service, as it is a duty of all Mozambicans, and when he returned home he was sick, had "caught" tuberculosis, a very dangerous and serious disease, and it wasn't  a very easy recovery.

Mother Carmo Jardim, was very bold, and very demanding on the accomplishment of Jornal's treatment, i experienced this case closely and his condition was awful, we only could hold onto hope, since it's the last thing to lose in life.


Eight months after following the proper treatment, because mother Carmo believed on his health improvements, we have Jornal back, today driving his boys to fight the winning of SIM's Cup 2012.



Wasn't easy to have Jornal back in shape, this situation left it's mark on me...

The worst thing was he didn't want to hear about the pills and didn't want to take them because already had lost his hope.

One day he said to me, "Pedro, stop wasting your time with me, it's better to tell mother Carmo, i don't wanna be here in Maputo doing the treatment, it really bothers me, i prefer to go back home and finish my life near my family, i'm already feeling half dead."

Tears started to go down on my face, i went to my room and stayed there nearly half an hour just thinking how i could make him take those pills, cause it was like a war, he insulted me of everything, yelled, and just said nonsense things, he was out of his mind.


But the truth is that mother Carmo was right, she really believed on his improvement, and never lost the hope. Today he is back, very happy and quite healthy with his familly by his side.

Pedro Maluane

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