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A recognition gesture!


Mr. John Manhoca an elder from the north of Bazaruto Island was severely ill and without funds, SIM's Grantees came and warn mother Carmo Jardim.
Carmo went to the village to see what was happening and immediately tried to solve the problem by arranging the transportation to send Mr. Manhoca to the mainland for treatment.


After receiving all the treatments and having been healed, Mr. Manhoca decided to give a gift to mother Carmo as a way to demonstrate his gratitude!
As a special offer, once he is a fisherman, Mr. João chose to go catch some crabs to offer to mother Carmo.
Noteworthy that the treatment of Mr. João Manhoca was in 2011, and not forgetting the gesture of solidarity, in 2012 he provided the crabs!


An unforgettable recognition!

Pedro Maluane


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