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In December 2012, the SIM NGDO Solidarity International to Mozambique held the mission Christmas 2012.

The mission started in Maputo where several measures regarding the activities were planned for the Province of Inhambane. Wich includes solidarity initiatives in the areas of health, hygiene, education, environmental protection, sports and social support.


The awareness campaign in the area of ​​health and hygiene had as its theme the AIDS virus infection, one of the most serious public health problems in the area, and were held with the distribution of thousands of condoms to the population, generously offered by Artsana Group.


In education and sport activities were included distribution of clothing and equipment and also conducting competitions. Were delivered to the 250 young residents backpacks, diverse school supplies, 800 t-shirts, 100 polo sweatshirts and several sports equipment. The SIVA Group even offered drawing books. In addition to these initiatives of solidarity, and as is tradition, took place on the Christmas season some sporting activities, with emphasis on traditional games, a blockbuster initiative among the hundreds of children who participate.


At the Northern District of Bazaruto Island, the population received from the NGDO SIM two tons of rice, 500 liters of oil, broth, water, cookies, sodas and some sweets for the childrens.


The balance of the Christmas Mission 2012 was extremely positive, the president of SIM, the participants and the volunteers were able to witness the joy and the involvement of the populations concerned. The many gestures of appreciation and thanks were very rewarding.


The Christmas Mission 2012 had the support of:

  • Artsana Portugal | Control
  • CFA Charters
  • Cidade and Capital Pharmacies
  • Makua - Vilanculo
  • PNAB - Bazaruto Archipelago National Park
  • Pestana Bazaruto Lodge
  • SIVA
  • S.M.I. - Mozambican Society of Investment
  • TAP | volunteers with Wings
  • Tejo Brinde
  • Volkswagen Autoeuropa
  • Vumba


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