News > 7th CPLP Race «Together against Hunger»


The 7th race organized by the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), under the motto "Together Against Hunger", was held for the fourth time in Cascais on 25 November.
The Mayor of Cascais, Dr. Carlos Carreiras, started the race.
The NGO SIM, Solidariedade Internacional a Moçambique (International Solidarity to Mozambique), participated in the 5 KM walk, attended by the chairman of the board, Carmo Jardim, and several volunteers.
The boy Cleisson Maluane from the North of Bazaruto Island who is in Portugal to be treated for Perthes disease, did not want to miss it, as well as the orthopedic doctor of the Cruz Vermelha Hospital, Dr. Nuno Craveiro Lopes, who also participated in the walking.
Congratulations on the excellent initiative!
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